A Class By Himself

A few weeks ago, I was flipping channels in time to see Michael Jordan’s induction speech for the Basketball Hall of Fame. You all know me enough by now to now that I bleed Carolina Blue. I defend the colors. I am obsessed with it’s history. But I will be the first to say this….Michael, you were a jerk. “The boy” and I often watch old clips of “His Airness” so he can see the amazing gifts and abilities of the greatest player to ever play. I’m thankful that “the boy” wasn’t watching the night I stumbled across MJ’s speech. I would have had some “splaining to do”. Enter “The Admiral”, David Robinson…..

If I need a video clip of what it means to reach the top and never forget who and what got you there, this is it. This is the complete opposite of MJ’s speech. This is a man that has never apologized for his faith or his love for his family. Watch this clip (if you don’t have time, watch the beginning for what he says to his family and forward it to the 6:41 mark to hear the end). Thank you David Robinson. You are in a class by yourself.

By the way, all was not lost. Former Tar Heel Larry Brown was on stage to represent the Carolina Blue during David’s Speech.

2 thoughts on “A Class By Himself

  1. W O W.
    What a contrast, huh.
    I don’t know that I would exactly say MJ was a jerk… I think he was genuinely honored and just thought he was being funny. I just find it kinda sad. Really sad, actually. Funny ’cause we just studied about Haman and his pride, from being so elevated in society (from Esther) that he just had to keep fueling that pride and ego…. even if it means pushing others down, in a sense, to achieve that sustained status and inflating himself. And just look at how glorified MJ has been in the world of b.ball, for so many years. How should he know that he’s not God himself? I’m sure people have always treated him as though he were. So sad that at the end, he gives every credit to ~ the game of basketball. “Everything to (him).” His “refuge… place (he) finds comfort and peace… most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction… one that noone can even imagine. A RELATIONSHIP that’s evolved over time… provided a platform to share (his) passion with millions in ways (he) couldn’t have expected…” Makes me want to cry. To think, that if he’d just been able to insert GOD into all those descriptions… the impact he could’ve had on those millions.
    But, you know… at the end of the day… so interesting… in the same way Kanyé made Beyoncé shine… MJ, in all his self absorption just allowed Mr. Robinson to stand out all the more and shine all the brighter. God bless him. His speech was AMAZING. So sweet and humble. Wow.

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