For The Rest Of Us

I often think of doing a post about running “for the rest of us”. This is a quick attempt to let you know what a guy that doesn’t consider himself a runner, but a guy who runs uses for said activity. Here we go.

Nike+ – Big, Big, Big fan of Nike+. When I first saw this product (and wasn’t running) I just rolled my eyes at the marketing genius of Apple and Nike. Then I started to use it. Now I cannot and I mean CANNOT live without it. I know some people like to run without tunes, but I simply can’t. They are a majority of the motivation for my runs. Nike+ is a small chip on (or in if you wear Nike) your shoe that talks to your iPod. The transponder keeps your pace, mileage, calories burned and sends it all to a Nike site each time you sync your iPod. The best part is that the Nike actually talks to you as you run so you know when you have passed a mile, personal best and a countdown of your last 400 meters. Great tool for any runner. Downside is the chips are about $19 each and last about 6 months (depending on your mileage). You also must have the newest Nano or iPod Touch to use Nike+. New kits are $29 and replacement chips are $19.


iPod TouchiPod Nano – I used to have an iPod Touch but sadly, it died. I won’t go into that experience here, but let me say this…forrunning, the iPod Nano is a better tool. The iPod touch is amazing, but it’s heavy and a nightmare to navigate while you are trying to run (especially on a treadmill). The Nano is small and the center controls make it easy to change songs and end your workout. Starting at $149

Nike Nano Armband – I have tried multiple armbands, but like this one the best so far. It works perfectly with the Nano and washes up well. Quick tip, wear it upside down (swoosh at the top). It’s easier to read your iPod that way. $29.

Sony MD-AS20 Ear Phones – I have “ear issues” so the white ear buds that come with the iPod simply wouldn’t work. I have one ear where it literally falls out when I run unless I strategically wedge it in there somehow…which cannot be good. Anyway, I use these Sony ear phones. I got them at Circuit City when they were going out of business and really like them. Very comfortable. Even if your ears are strange like mine. Less that $20.

Nike Triax Fury Watch – When used in conjunction with the Nike+ and iPod, this is another MUST have for me. I use it to record my pace when the iPod announces that I have hit another mile. It gives me an idea how I’m doing and I can review it after the run. I got mine free from a friend that had several (Nike gives them to him due to his position of employment) so I didn’t pay for it. They start around $89 though.

Asics Gel Ninbmus 11 – As you have probably noted, I am a Nike guy. It’s the only shoe I have worn for the past 20 years. So when it came time for a running shoe, my first 3 pair were Nikes (I went with the Vomero 3 & 4). I noted at the races I took part in that only about 10% of the people are wearing Nike. I thought I would give something else a try. I think I have found a new running shoe brand. Love these shoes. Don’t love the price $129.

Super Feet Inserts – In addition to the asics, I recently started using a shoe insert to correct the way my feet hit the ground (pronate). I can testify that one or the other or both have corrected issues in my hip and achilles. $30

I won’t go into clothing at this point, but I recommend the Nike Dri-Fit line (surprise surprise). I am a serious sweat box. The dri-fit stuff seems to do the best job of not capturing that sweat. I have tried Under Armor, but prefer Nike at this point.

Lastly, and I cannot recommend this enough, if you are going to get started running, do yourself a HUGE favor and find a Road Runner Sports in your area. They have all the latest gadgets to video you running on a treadmill and stepping on a mat. From there they can recommend the perfect shoe for your style. It will make all the difference in the world. Trust me on this one. If there is not one near you, try their Shoe Dog Service on-line. You’ll be glad you did.

Next time I get a chance I’ll give some guides to what a guy that runs uses to recover from injuries and stretch.

On the journey….

3 thoughts on “For The Rest Of Us

  1. Whether it is the iPod Touch or the iPod Nano that you posses both are cool gadgets and you can listen to some fantastic music on these. With extra accessories the functioning only seems to get better. Check out AccStation for accessories for your iPod and see the change. At 25% discount the prices are really low. Discount coupons are available at and you can start choosing the accessories that you desire.

  2. This is an awesome post! Thank you!!! I love my super feet too! They made a world of difference for me. I am going to check out the Nike+. Only problem is that I run with my Shuffle instead of my touch. Will it still work?

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