A Lesson in Grace

Last night I received a lesson and hopefully taught one as well. It was the bedtime hour and I was putting the kiddo’s to bed. My youngest daughter requested some juice in a sippy cup to place beside her bed. She got used to doing this during a recent battle with the flu so I didn’t mind agreeing to said request. My middle child heard the request and decided she would like a little bedside refreshment as well. One problem…she has been known to sleep right on through her “potty alarm”….if you know what I mean.

Knowing that she would have this “issue” and trying to avoid a further problem, I kindly explained that she probably shouldn’t as it might lead to her wetting the bed. Since I am a softie when it comes to my girls, the hour was late and I didn’t have it in me to argue…you guessed it, she got a sippy cup too. Everyone went to bed without a hitch and I enjoyed the next 2 hours of watching “The Biggest Loser“. After the show, I decided to catch up on some work in my home office. That’s when it happened.

Small footsteps

Sleepy child walking in my office

Quivering lower bottom lip

Embarrassment on her little face

A tear forming in her eye

Decision time for daddy…..

In that instant I knew this could go one of two ways. While my human nature was screaming “I TOLD YOU SO”, there was a still small voice. It softly whispered “be careful here Dad, you’ve got this childs heart and maybe even her future understanding of God right in the palm of your hand. Don’t blow this!”. After confirming that she had, in fact, wet the bed I decided to take a route she wasn’t expecting me to take.


I motioned to my little one to come and sit on my lap (thankfully she had already changed her pajama pants). I then wrapped my arms around her and simply, softly whispered that I knew it was an accident. I explained that Mommy and Daddy know what we are saying when we ask them to not do certain things. I then told her I loved her, it was okay and that we would go clean up her bed. Within 10 minutes she was back in bed, asleep and her heart and spirit were still intact. Hopefully one day she’ll remember that her father’s love is like that of our Heavenly father.

How many times have I done what I knew I shouldnt have done? How many times has it gone as predicted? How often have I experienced Gods grace in those circumstances? Lesson learned and hopefully…a lesson taught.


There’s only grace
There’s only love
There’s only mercy
And believe me,
it’s enough…

-Matthew West

4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Grace

  1. Aaron,
    I came upon your blog by accident awhile back and have been following it ever since. I messaged your wife on facebook and I should have done the same to you. I dream and ache of one day having a family that is completely centered around Christ and reflects God’s love. Your blogs give me motivation and remind me that it is in fact possible and not to give up hope that I can have my dream. I’m so thankful that your kiddos have a father like you! I can’t imagine how secure life must feel for them! You guys are doing a great job and I admire your dedication to your children to show them God’s love and mercy! You and your wife are truly an inspiration and I hope you guys continue to blog!

  2. Amanda – thank you for your encouraging words – all praise and honor are His, the one who guides us and gives us what we ourselves do not have.

    Aaron – YOUR grace inspires me daily, your courage helps me to persist, your faith stands the test of time, your title makes me proud to be called your wife and mother to our children. I love you.

  3. Amanda – Thank you for your kind words and your transparency. I’m glad you accidentally found this blog and took a few moments to leave a comment. I too hope that you one day have a Christ centered family. To be honest, Heather gives me far too much credit. She has been the rock in our home and has kept me balanced many a time. I’ve been known to be a tad bit restless…okay A LOT restless so she brings a steady influence and calm to our home. When it comes to parenting, we are learning as we go. It is my prayer that at least a few of the things we are trying to teach our children stick when they are older and have families of their own. Gods grace has been something I continue to learn more about each and every day. Thank you again for your kind words and for commenting! Stay in touch!!

  4. What a wonderful post. It is truly a blessing to know you, even only a small bit…you and Heather are great and you’ve got some very lucky kids to have you as parents.

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