No Turnin' Back


I’m officially signed up for May 2nd….who’s with me?

7 thoughts on “No Turnin' Back

  1. Mudpuppy – I hear ya. Luckily I have a couple of months to build to that myself. Just reading 13 miles hurts. If you change your mind and don’t mind running in Buckeye Country, you’re welcome to join me. That would be a good time.

    Brian – Fortunately for me, the full marathon isn’t until October. I can pretty well bet the ranch I won’t be “manning up” for that one. No desire to do that. I will go on record as saying that Heather will probably finish this one in half the time that I will. So in essence, she could run a full in the time I run a half…..or something like that.

  2. Rindy – Believe me when I say that I am not a runner either. You could totally do this it. My wife was seriously considering the full or half marathon in Cincinnati this year. Give it a try, you might surprise yourself. Lord knows I did.

    Jeff – I’m countin’ on it and actually looking forward to it. We might have to do a “Mr. Miyagi” special on it to get you out there, but hopefully you can. Someone’s going to need to be there when I collapse around mile 6 to identify me for the paramedics 🙂

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