When in Rome…

By now it has been well documented that I am a Tar Heel fan living in Buckeye country. Just because I bleed Carolina blue it doesn’t mean it’s not fun to get a little caught up in the whole OSU vs. Michigan fun. After all, Ohio State is my second favorite college team. With sincere apologies to my brother-in-law Joel, I had to post this.

Go Buckeyes! Beat Michigan.

3 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Flute, there is still some good in you, I can feel it. Turn from the dark (well, light powder blue side) side, search your feelings, flute. Turn from the emporer and bow to the DUKKKKKKEEEEEEEE.

  2. Okay sports fans, how is this for a weekend…… I get to watch my Dukies stomp on Michigan on the hard wood tonight and got tickets to watch my Buckeyes CRUSH Michigan on the gridiron tomorrow! Doesn’t get much better than this…. Too by Duke doesn’t play UNC on Sunday, what a triFFECTAHHHHHHHH that would be.

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