About 3 weeks ago, I started running again. That is an entirely different post for a different day. One of my favorite “treadmill songs” is “Presence” by Newsboys. There is just something about that song that makes me feel like I am requesting Gods presence even in the midst of gasping for air and sweating like crazy.

Over the past week or so, my youngest daughter (3 years old) has started to do something during my treadmill time that is really special to me. While I am running, she comes with toys, a game, or something to occupy her time and just sits beside the treadmill. I noted this morning how wonderful it is that she is just there, in my presence. Maybe she just wants that too.

What moved me this morning is that I think that is all that God asks of each of us. He just wants to be in our presence. Like my daughter in the morning, we don’t need to be engaged in serious conversation, I just like to see her there. Watching her play makes me happy. Seeing her be who she is in my presence brings joy to my life. If we talk during that time it is great, but there is something about her just being there that is wonderful.

I was reminded this morning that our Heavenly Father just wants us to be in his presence as well. Whatever we are doing, he wants us to invite him in so he can be near and enjoy our activity as well. He wants our activities to bring him glory and his presence to encourage us. Even if its nothing more than time on a treadmill.

Presence” by Newsboys

4 thoughts on “Presence

  1. Agree totally. I was raking leaves yesterday listening to Daughtry and the song that talks about ” …Then I crashed into you….” and I thought to myself, Does God just wish sometimes that we would “crash” into him and just be. Not necessarily “working for the Lord”, but just be in his presence. I am learning that this is the first step in true worship…and I am not really worshipping if I am not in His presence. God does not need me to accomplish His pursposes, but He chooses to partner with and use me…I should probably allow Him to do what He likes…..Thanks for the encouragement, brother.

  2. I love that you and your Mrs. share a love for running. I used to run in high school. Now I walk. I have not purchased an ipod yet, but when I walk I am with some great ladies so the conversation keeps me going. Also gives me chance to be out in God’s creating which is refreshing. I do have to admit I tease other walkers when they pass, letting them know we already “ran” and are now in cool down mode which is why we are walking. :0)


  3. This is so true. As Cameron & Kassie are getting bigger they sometimes wake earlier than mommy (everyday actually :-)) but they like to creep into my bed in the morning and just lay there. They don’t go back to sleep usually but they just snuggle up to me and want to be beside me. I used to get a little irritated at being awakened and then realized that these were some of the most precious moments with them and an absolutely wonderful way to start the day!!!

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