Something in my eye

I was checking out my reader feeds tonight and this post on caught my eye. The post was dedicated to the “10 movies it’s okay for men to cry at“. To be honest, I have never even seen a majority of them. I got to thinking about my own list of such movies. As I was putting this together, I watched a few of the trailers on Youtube or IMDb and got a bit misty eyed all over again. I know there are more of them, but 10 is all that I am willing to admit to. Below are just a few that made me act like I had something in my eye. How about you? What were some of yours?

10. The Champ – Old school movie, but brutally sad.

9. My GirlHATED this film! “Where are his glasses???”

8. The Bucket List – Nuff said.

7. Rocky III – When Mick died…

6. Click – TOO close to home.

5. Forrest Gump – “But I miss you Jenny”

4. The Family Man– What if you got a second chance?

3. The Outsiders – “Stay Gold Pony Boy”

2. Field of Dreams – “Dad…wanna have a catch?”

And the number one movie I will admit to crying at….

1. Brian’s Song – Gale Sayers acceptance speech gets me every time.

“I love Brian Piccolo and I’d like all of you to love him too. And tonight when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.”
-Gale Sayers

5 thoughts on “Something in my eye

  1. There was a remake done a few years ago that wasn’t as good as the original. Don’t get me wrong…I still fell apart at the end, but it wasn’t nearly as good. It was an ABC original movie. I’ve got it on DVD but never watch it. No really sure why I bought it knowing the end results….

  2. I think I saw my Mr. shed a tear during Radio.

    My all time favorite is, “The Other Sister.” Probably more for your Mrs. than you, but if you have a chance, it’s wonderful.


  3. You’re both right!!! I actually had Old Yeller, Radio and Rudy on my list. They got bumped at the last minute. Radio was a great movie. Old Yeller…..not so much.

    Here’s the sick thing…I think they made us watch Old Yeller AND Brians Song in middle school. What kind of education system makes children watch 2 of the saddest movies of all time in a classroom where they will cry and get made fun of????

    Not that is what happened or anything…..

    Roxanne, don’t tell anyone, but I have seen “The Other Sister”. Good movie. It reminded me of “Sam I Am”…which was also brutal.

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