“My heart’s so low, I’m so much to manage. I think you should know that I’ve been damaged” – TLC

I once read the book “To Own a Dragon” by Donald Miller. I really like Donald Miller’s writing. In this book, he told stories of portions of his life that left him “damaged”.

I have to admit that I am damaged too. I would also admit that in the course of my life, I’ve done plenty of damage. What is dangerous is there are times when I will re-visit those “damaged” times in my memory. It’s even more dangerous when you stay there. It can be defeating. Living life looking backwards is no way to live.

In some form or another, aren’t we all “damaged”? As John Ortberg said “we all have an as is tag”. We’ve all made a wrong turn, wrong choice, run with the wrong crowd and suffered the consequences. Maybe it wasn’t even our choices, but those of another that caused the damage. Here’s the key, our God is a God of second chances. He’s a God of restoration and healing. He’s a God that will one day right every wrong. He can and will repair our damage.

We are all damaged. The question today is have we allowed God to heal, to restore and to mend it? If so, what is our response?

One thought on “Damaged

  1. You know when your kids get hurt and slap their little hand over the injured place and no matter how you pry to get them to even show you what hurts, they just hold onto it that much more… crying out and making it all so much larger in their minds than it even actually is?
    Yeah… that’s me right now. Knowing I can trust Him and how much I NEED to trust Him and let Him in there to do the healing that’s needed… but not willing to let go and holding on w/ all I’ve got.

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