Your Moment

I like the commercials for ATT Small Business where the actors say “Welcome to my moment“. I couldn’t help but think of them today while I was cutting the grass. No, I didn’t have “my moment” cutting the grass. Actually, I was reflecting on Austin’s “moment” on Thursday night when they won the Hilliard Little League World Series. During the big rally inning (came back from down 12-4 to go ahead 15-12) Austin had a key double in the gap to clear the bases. When I looked in the stands his Mom and his Aunts were both crying with joy (you really had to be there). I was doing my best to hold it together and stay in the third base coaching box.

As I thought about that, I couldn’t help but think about how my “moments” are all but done. Thanks to a cranky back, my sports days are all but over. But living in that moment with Austin was better than any moment I ever had. Sharing the joy, and trying to somehow express how proud I was of him and how hard he worked were all part of that “moment”. It’s at the top of my list on my “moments”. Funny how those change for us isn’t it?

I thought of one other “moment” I had recently. We had the privilege of being a part of my sister-in-law’s wedding. During the reception, I had Brynn on my lap and Austin in the seat beside me. As the DJ played the song “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts, I had a “moment” to speak the lyrics to two of my little one’s. Don’t tell anyone, but all three of us were crying. It was a moment to share and words I’m glad I was able to tell them.

I came in from cutting the grass and the picture above was in my inbox. One of the parents had caught our “moment” on film. I spent a few minutes just looking at this picture and thanking God for the “moments” in our lives. I pray that our children remember these moments for a long, long time. I know I will.

“My Wish” by Rascal Flatts

So how about you? What was “your moment”?

One thought on “Your Moment

  1. My moment was at a recent countywide Youth Recognition Banquet. Only 21 youth in the entire county received awards and my youngest was one of them! Because it was the youth bureau’s 50th anniv year, they wanted to redesign their logo to be used “for the next 50 yrs” and my oldest son’s design was chosen! When the organizers found out that my middle son was feeling a calling to become a pastor, they asked if he would do the invocation for the banquet–in front of over 160 people! What a feeling as a mom…

    And please pass on “WAY TO GO!! AWESOME!!” to Austin!! Very cool!!

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