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I have been on what I consider a “blog sabbatical” for a few weeks now. It has been a time of refreshment and recharging. It has also been a much needed time to re-evaluate some things. While I have been away, I have had the absolute honor and blessing of receiving three separate email opportunities to link to other blogs. Below are three new blogs that have extended to offer to exchange links and offerings to Arms Wide Open. I’m thankful that they found something of value here and were willing to pass it along. Check out these links when you get a chance. Bookmark them, RSS Feed them, or just visit them often. Thanks to Vanessa, Ryan and Jeff for the invitations. –  For those familiar with “Digg”, Jeff has put together a vision he has of a Christian “Digg” like site. It is a really neat vision and one that I believe God will bless. 

Wired For Sound – Vanessa is a PR contact for EMI CMG and has created Wired For Sound to provide you with the latest tools to help you blog about your favorite artists & their music. This is a great resource for any bloggers of Christian Music. – Ryan works for a Bible software company and has put together a directory of Bible related blogs. What is really neat is they are organized by State. They are just getting started, but this site is sure to grow.

Thanks to Jeff, Ryan and Vanessa for the offer to exchange links and feature our blogs. I’m honored to link arms on the web for Christ. 

3 thoughts on “New Links

  1. I think we’re on the same lists brother! Always a good thing to be thought of in the same breath as my man Aaron!

    BTW, Jason and I are wrapping up Say Anything at lunch today, then I’m wrapping it up to send your way (finally a year later).

  2. Yo… it was good to see you the other Sunday. We should get together as a family and have dinner some time? What say you?

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