When All is Said and Done

When the music fades into the past,
When the days of life are through,
What will be remembered of where I’ve come?
When all is said and done?

Will they say I loved my family?
That I was a faithful friend?
That I lived to tell of God’s own son?
When all is said and done.

Of how I long to see the hour,
When I would hear that trumpet sound.
I rise and see my Savior’s face,
And see him smile,
And say ‘Well done.’

You can forget my name
And the songs I’ve sung,
Every rhyme and every tune.
But remember the truth of Jesus’ love,
When all is said and done

When all is said and done.

-Geoff Moore

7 thoughts on “When All is Said and Done

  1. One of the all time favorites as far as lyrics go. I want this one played at my funeral. If I had the opportunity to speak on your behalf, I would say you have been the person he is describing in this song. Appreciate your heart.


  2. Hi Aaron!
    I love this song…
    cliche’s aside, life passes so quickly, especially while raising your family and working. I pray that you will savor the moments with your loved ones and take time to notice the little things that are special, committing them to memory and holding them in your heart.
    Then in later years when things slow down you’ll have like a photo album to look back on and make you smile.

    Jesus love and grace to you always and many blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord!


  3. i have chose this song for my 90 year old grandmothers funeral
    she is getting ready to meet her Savior very soon

    the words speak of her life
    she talked the talk and walked the walk all her life
    ever since i was a small child she would instill GODS word in me
    i am now 43 , and i will never forget what she told me

    watching her in pain as she goes through transition is hard for me but i have peace of mind knowing her soul belongs to Jesus
    and some day i will see her again .

    Dear Mr Moore i may never get to meet you in this lifetime
    but i wanted to tell you this song is extreamly anointed of GOD
    and such a blessing to me

    God Bless you
    and keep you

    Debra Leah Holmes

  4. I really like this song, it is so touching. It really makes you think about life and how you are not promised tommorrw. To seize the moment and spend as much time you can with your family and friends. Don’t live life with regrets think of it as a LESSON LEARNED~!
    God Bless~!

  5. Hi Aaron
    I came to know about this song through a prayer devotion from Christian Medical and Dental Association. As a doctor I face all of it – position, power, pride, and self indulgence at the expense of neglecting others. But to god what matters most is not what matters most to the world. How soon the prince of this world makes us believe that all that is needed is all about ‘me’. What a radical savior we have who has constantly reminded that our existence is for his glory and his glory alone, reflected by our love for the family, our friends and the body of church and most importantly the lost flock. Hope this song will remind me of the ultimate purpose of my profession – to glorify him. This song is wonderful and I pray that god will give you wisdom to write more.

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