Food for thought

Your standard of beauty is your spouse” – Mark Driscoll

Hear the entire sermon (HERE)

3 thoughts on “Food for thought

  1. When Mark said this it got me wondering, does that mean that my spouse (or future spouse) is to be the MOST beautiful thing in my life?…

  2. After posting this, I thought maybe I should have put it in the context with which he said it. He said it several times, but his main point is that the media and our culture will make you want and desire the things we see on TV, magazines or the internet. The reality is that we should set our standard of beauty to be our spouse because they are the love of our life. As he said, when we are 20 years old, your spouse is the standard of beauty. When we are 40 and 60 and 80, our spouse is still the standard of beauty.

    That is the relationship and the love that is real. Not what our culture wants to sell and have us believe. If we remember that our spouses’ beauty is one of the many things that we fell in love with and lock that in as the standard, than we can avoid the machine and pitfulls that pull many people in.

    I’m not doing it any justice. His sermon was awesome. That’s why he’s Mark Driscoll….and I am not 🙂 But yes, you spouse is to be the MOST beautiful thing in your life and the standard which you set for beauty.

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