Upset in the BCS Standings!

dude28_buffalochickenksandwich_400a Tis the season. The regulars and those that know me well know that I have a weakness for two things – Diet Coke and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. Over the years I have developed a little ranking system on the very best Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches in Columbus, Ohio. I am here today to announce that there has been an upset!

It all started with my man “D-Rich” and I having lunch at a place over on campus called “Wendell’s“. When they delivered our Buffalo Chicken, I knew that the previous number one (Max and Erma’s) was in for big trouble. After consuming the meal it was clear that we had an upset on our hands! To be fair, one week later, I brought in another “committee member”. Stef and I got elbows deep at Wendell’s again and we now have a clear cut number one. It is out of these two lunches with friends that the first official B.C.S (Buffalo Chicken Sandwich) rankings was born. Without further ado…I give you the ranking.

1. Wendell’s Alumni Grill – Lane Avenue in Columbus, Ohio
2. Max and Erma’s – Various locations
3. Beef o’ Brady’s – Hilliard, Ohio*
4. Chili’s – Various Locations
5. O’Charley’s – Various Locations
6. Quaker Steak and Lube – Various Locations
7. Burger King – Various Locations
8. Wendy’s – Various Locations (order with the Frescata bread)
9. Applebees – Various Locations
10. Red Robin – Various Locations
*indicates a wrap and not a sandwich

We have set the following bowl games for January –

Wendell’s vs. Max and Erma’s in the Nexium Bowl

Beef o’ Brady’s and Chili’s in the Prilosec bowl

O’Charleys vs. Quaker Steak and Lube in the Pepcid AC Bowl

Burger King vs. Wendy’s in the Protonix Bowl

Applebee’s vs. Red Robin in the Tums Bowl

Anyone wishing to join in the voting will need to drop me an email. I’m game to set up the opportunity to vote for the standings at any time. Who knows…there maybe another “Wendell’s” out there somewhere just waiting to shake up the standings again!!

9 thoughts on “Upset in the BCS Standings!

  1. If a wrap is included then BW3 has a great Buffalo Chicken wrap. I actually prefer the wrap to the wings 3 to 1.

    I think we need to have lunch at Wendell’s very soon. We will call it research just to make sure it truely is #1.

  2. Aaron, I am humbled by the breadth, depth and commitment to the BCS.

    Over the years I have done informal Pad Thai and General Tso’s Chicken tastings (if I’m eating the General’s chicken, what is he eating?) but my hat is off to your sample size and variety.

    I am surprised that Red Robin is at the bottom of the list. OTOH, I usually get the Royal Red Robin. RR is a burger restaurant, not a BCS joint.

    Not found on your list:

    – B.C. Rooster’s
    – BW3

    Please clear up this concern a.s.a.p.

    BTW – I’m getting a turducken for Christmas @ my house.

  3. Sounds like we the BCS committee is growing in number and strength. It also sounds like we will need to continue to rankings to include some additional teams.

    Brian – name the times and places and we’re there!

    Mike – Red Robin’s Wiskey River BBQ burger (not chicken) almost deserves a spot due to it’s goodness! However, when it comes to chicken, Red Robin is really good at Burgers. Totally disappointing on the Chicken.

    Bring on the BW3 and Roosters. Have never had either one. Oh the humanity!!!!

    The best General Tso’s can be found in this little dive off of East 9th in Downtown Cleveland. Put it this way, I had a full head of hair before I started eating it!

  4. Being at the second tasting of Wendell’s, I think that the Wendell’s chicken sandwich is a clear winner on size alone. It must have been at least seven inches across and one inch thick. I am not even sure the side items at Max and Erma’s could help pull off an upset over Wendell’s.

    I was surprised to see Burger King and Wendy’s on the list. Good to see the fast food chain conference making an appearance on the first go round.

    You better hurry up and purchase your tickets for the Nexium bowl. I just got mine online for $8.99 plus travel expenses!!

  5. The absolute best General Tso’s is at Asian Express at Mill Run kind of by First Watch. Try it. It is $4.25 (maybe $4.50) for the lunch portion and you will be filled. Try an egg roll while you are at it. YmmYmm

    Now I get to go home and make some Mac & Cheese for dinner. Great!

  6. The Fast Food conference cannot be discounted. Although their “strength of schedule” is not that of the others, they have a long history of service.

    There are two kinds of General Tso’s. One is more of a sweet sauce, the other leaves you searching for ANYTHING to drink (wonder if that’s why those places always have fish tanks….?) I prefer the hot stuff (shocker), and the place of E.9th was about as hot as they get.

    That being said. Estimated travel to Mill Run….5 minutes. Estimated travel to E9th in Cleveland…2 1/2 hours.

    Put some “Sweet Baby Rays” on that Mac and Cheese!

  7. Brian, I appreciate the kind concern and effort in your suggestion of Asian Express and its Gen. Tso’s Chicken.

    Indeed, it is a delight. AE also does a nice Pad Thai. I’ve been there numerous times, not disappointed yet.

    As a result, AE is in my Top 5 for GTC.

    Also in my Top 5:

    E. Chen’s Buffet – Dublin/Karric Sq. Their GTC offering is both sweet and spicy. Plenty of the Thai peppers are available in the serving dish. And they have ESPN on projection screens in the party room.

    Siam – Olentangy and Bethel (looks like this location no longer exists after a yellowpages query. Tragedy.

    Grand China – Hilliard

    I have not solidified the rankings for GTC in the same manner that Aaron has done with the BCS. It’s a soft list.

    As long as we’re talking food, the Indian restaurant on the corner opposite First Watch is real good. That area in Mill Run is up for a food trifecta with 1st Watch, Indian buffet and Asian Express.

    But the one that I got “thumbs up” from Indian nationals is next to the Bonefish Grill on Frantz Rd across from Karric Sq. Their primary business is catering but they do a lunch buffet and the food is excellent.

    I have to stop writing and work…

  8. Aaron, You will like the GTC (can’t forget the C can I Mike) at Asian Express. It is the spicier of the 2 types. You can also ask for it extra spicy. I’ve done that before. Big mistake. Hot is good but you still want to enjoy the flavor. Kind of like why would you get Blazing at BW3. That’s just down right crazy.

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