Walk Her Home

kids3.jpgAs I said in my previous post, today is my first day of “life on the road”. I have already told my wife a half dozen times that “I’m gonna have to get used to this”. I also said that in a way, I hope I never “get used to this”. I don’t want to lose the pangs of leaving my family because life on the road is better, easier, or more fun. Her response is just another reason why I love her…”don’t worry, I won’t let ya!”. God sure knew what he was doing when me gave me this woman.

As I was cruising down the road, listening to my (recently re-activated) XM Radio, I heard a new song by Mark Shultz. Perfect timing. I like Mark Shultz, but a lot of his songs sound exactly the same. Regardless of my thoughts or reviews, the words to this one are so pure and rich. Since I’m on the road, I can’t download it, and post it. We will have to settle for the words. It’s a nice reminder and message for Valentines Day. May I never forget to “Walk her Home”

Mark Schultz – Walk Her Home
From the album Walk Her Home

Looking back
He sees it all
It was her first date the night he came to call
Her dad said son
Have her home on time
And promise me you’ll never leave her side

The way she laughed, the dress she wore
He’d never felt like this before

He was walking her home
And holding her hand
Oh the way she smiled it stole the breath right out of him
Down that old road
With the stars up above
He remembers where he was the night he fell in love
He was walking her home

Ten more years and a waiting room
At half past one
And the doctor said come in and meet your son

His knees went weak
When he saw his wife
She was smiling as she said he’s got your eyes

And as she slept he held her tight
His mind went back to that first night


He walked her through the best days of her life
Sixty years together and he never left her side

A nursing home
At eighty-five
And the doctor said it could be her last night

And the nurse said Oh
Should we tell him now
Or should he wait until the morning to find out

But when they checked her room that night
He was laying by her side


He was walking her home
And holding her hand
Oh the way she smiled when he said “this is not the end”

Just for awhile,

They were 18
She was still more beautiful to him then anything

He was walking her home

Looking back
He sees it all
It was her first date the night he came to call

16 thoughts on “Walk Her Home

  1. It’s a sweet song. “Behind every good man, is a good woman” someone famous once said. Your wife must be a really good woman! You are blessed to have such a wife!

    And very sincerely, if you ever are in the NW, look us up!

    I’ll be praying for you while you are on the road! May the Lord protect you in every way, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally!

    Every blessing to you and thank you for your kind and encouraging comments, especially today. It really blessed me.
    We really need your prayers right now.

    Every blessing to you in Jesus love and grace!


  2. One of the things that comforts me when I’m on the road is knowing that I have a strong (spiritually, mentally and emotionally) wife and mother running the show. I often kidded about getting her a cape. She is my super hero! Sounds like you have one, too.

    Just keep thinking about all of the great hugs and kisses you’ll get when you arrive back home!!


  3. What great lyrics. I’m looking forward to hearing that one. I’ve been asking God to refresh some of those feelings in my marriage and have been excited to see him do it.

    I hope and pray your journey is safe and that you’re able to enjoy your time back with them soon.

  4. I think I would like a cape. What a great idea! I’d probably catch it on fire at the stove and set off the kitchen timer, I mean, smoke alarm. Or one of the children would figure out how to climb it.

  5. I heard Mark Schultz talk about this song and tell the story behind it when it first came out. It is a true story about neighbors of his–he was able to catch up with them when they were in a nursing home (different rooms) and that is the last verse…soooo cool.

    Best of everything with your new job and travel….

  6. All – This song is growing in popularity. Thanks for the kind words and the well wishes on the new adventure. I feel blessed to have the opportunity. I’m even more blessed to have a mate that understands me and lets me walk her home.

  7. I saw Mark sing that song back in September. I really like his music and I got the feeling that I’d really like him as a person — like he’s the kind of guy my husband and I would be friends with.

    My husband travels some for his job. He’s been doing this for nearly 8 years now. We do OK while he’s away . . . there could certainly be worse or more difficult circumstances. We’ve gotten used it. But, as you said, we’ve never gotten used to it. It’s never any fun to hug him goodbye or to do bedtime prayers over the telephone. We miss him, and he misses us. I get the feeling it will be the same with you.

  8. I heard this song for the first time two days ago. My wife is in MS with our special needs son while remain in NC looking for jobs down there. What an incredible song and how much I pray it is the type of relationship we have. Letters from War is another exceptional Mark Schultz song

  9. Thank you so much for the lyrics. I bought the CD and will play it for my University of South Dakota Medical Students during my lecture on Spirituality and Cultural Diversity in May, 2007. This is part of a Hospice and Palliative Care Course which all medical students must take.

  10. I love this song. It gives me cold chills and I get tears everytime I hear this song. I picture the story as he sings it and oh my gosh it’s a really great and touching song.

  11. I just heard this song for the first time this morning and i had to look it up to get the words to the song. It is such a beautiful song which fills you with warmth. I really hope that my realtionship is as deep and strong as the one in the song. I guess we all want that.
    I know that it all needs work but i also know that i can never survive without my partner and i want him by my side everywhere we go forever.
    Im only 21 and people say you should travel and live your life while you are young and single. but i cant wait to marry my boyfriend so i can do all that with him. i couldnt imagine going without him.
    This song matches a wonderful movie called “Notebook” which is a beautiful story that i recommend all to watch.

  12. This song touched my spirit from the instant I heard it. I cried driving in my car and now I must get it. It’s as beautiful as the song from a father for his children, Find your WIngs and these are the type of songs that change lives and make an impact! We need more.

  13. John’s very emotional when he said he remembered me everything through this song.

    Though he’s not here right now, i know someday, we will see each other and listen to this song and i can only guess what will happen after hearing it.

    This song touches my heart and my soul. I love John but i am putting my trust to God on all of this coz it’s the only way on how will the love survives.

    And if it’s not him whom God intended for me to have in my life, i will continue living and sharing love and my life to the best God wanted me to have in my life and in the end God will be glorified

  14. Thank you so much… I don’t know why but reading your blogs really made me think of some wonderful things happening in my life everyday and how I have been failing to notice them… This completely brought me to tears.

    It helped seal the deal that I happened to be listening to Bebo’s “One Bright Hour”…A few months ago my girlfriend of over a year left me and this post just brought it all back into my heart in many ways… Hurt for the adjustment, mixed with hope knowing that the woman meant for me is out there.

    God Bless you and for the message you sent me without meaning to!

    Ross Hageman

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